How ChrisRogersTheActor voted for the 2019 SAG Awards

Below is my ballot for the 25th Annual SAG Awards. What do you think of how I voted? Please comment below.

Download (Chris-Rogers-voting-2019_SAG_AWARDS_SCORECARD.pdf)

Friday, January 25, 2019, noon (PT) is deadline to vote.

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A Quiet Place – 2019 SAG Awards Nominee

25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominee


Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role – Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place.

My Rating

I rated Emily Blunt: 6.5 out of 10.
How do you rate her? Please comment below.

Emily Blunt was good in this, but she HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK in Mary Poppins Returns!

Chris Rogers
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SAG Awards 2019 Scorecard

25th Annual SAG Awards nominees were announced a few days ago on TNT and TBS at 7am PST. I was acting as a Standardized Patient and didn’t get to see it. You can watch the SAG Awards 2019 nominees broadcast below.

2019 SAG Awards Scorecard

Below is a Scorecard I made to help make sure you see all the 2019 SAG Awards nominated Motion Pictures and TV shows.

Download (2019-SAG-Awards-Scorecard-1-3-19.pdf)

This pdf is meant for you to download, print out and write your thoughts on after you see each one. Voting ends Jan 25, 2019.

I just updated my 2019 SAG Awards Scorecard with how the Producers give access to watch the nominees. This will probably be the last/final update.

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Ultrasound Model

Credit info for Ultrasound Model

Title: Ultrasound Model
Role: Principal

What is an Ultrasound Model

I have been working as an Ultrasound Model for several years thru the J Williams Agency. At various trade shows and medical conventions, the manufacturers hire us to lay down on the gurney while a technician scans us.

Submission to Agent
Submission to Agent

That goop they put on you is always cold – ALWAYS!

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Listen – Audition – Perry

Credit info for Listen

Title: Listen
Role: Principal – Perry
Director: Erahm Christopher

My audition for the role of Perry in Listen

This is my audition for the role of Perry in Listen. It tells the story of what happens when we don’t pay attention. It’s about all of us and how we impact each other.

This audition required me to shoot a gun. I like guns.

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