The Squeeze – Featured – Las Vegas Metro Police Officer

Credit info for The Squeeze

Title: The Squeeze
Role: Featured – Las Vegas Metro Police Officer
Director: Terry Jastrow
Production Company: JAM Films
Casting Director: Mary Jo Slater, Craig Fincannon, Kimberly Ehrlich, Vanessa Neimeyer, Dana Salerno

My acting scene in The Squeeze

I play a cop in The Squeeze. I am often cast as a cop.  That is okay with me.

In between scenes, I talked with Michael Nouri and our mutual passion for opera. He is a trained singer also.

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Killers at Play – Supporting – Bartender Kevin

Credit info for Killers at Play

Title: Killers at Play
Role: Supporting – Bartender Kevin
Director: Larry Degala
Production Company: Cards-at-Play Films

My acting scene(s) in Killer at Play

I play Bartender Kevin in Killers at Play – the 2015 Van Gogh Award winner for Best Thriller. I was able to refer to Production the shooting location of Tommy Rocker’s. I have been bringing Tommy business since the wildly successful SAG-AFTRA Holiday Mixer way back in 2010. The Mixer was so popular that Tommy invited us back every year since – and also for the SAG Awards Viewing Parties. I was Co-Chair for both events for several years. Tommy is a musical performer himself and the location is very film-friendly. I always try to refer them business.

My character’s name (Kevin) was already embroidered on the Tommy Rocker’s employee work shirt. I thought, “That sounds like a good name for my character”.

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Alongside Night – Supporting – Utopian Prison Officer

Credit info for Alongside Night

Title: Alongside Night
Role: Supporting – Utopian Prison Officer
Director: J. Neil Schulman
Production Company: Jesulu Productions
Casting Director: Phil Valentine

My acting scene(s) in Alongside Night

I was on the way to the gym and then a Christmas Party when the Casting Director called asking me if I could go directly to set to shoot Alongside Night.

The costume was so small I had to do all my scenes sitting down.

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Unforeseen Courage – Supporting – Agent Mark

Credit info for Unforeseen Courage

Title: Unforeseen Courage
Role: Supporting – Agent Mark
Director: Jeff Murphy
Production Company: Quest Pictures

My acting scene in Unforeseen Courage

This fight sequence takes place in the gorgeous Big Bear Lake, CA. A beautiful location and a good, decent, honest production family makes me very happy. We had to shoot my scenes first because I had to bartend later that night.

The Director (Jeff Murphy) told me the Distributor told him to include as much action footage/fight choreography with me in it as possible.

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Theatrical Demo Reel – 2012

Yes, I know this is old. Once I upload my most recent video, I will cut together an updated basic 3 min reel. This will have to do until then.

While living/working/surviving in LA, I got the chance to go back to school and got a degree in MultiMedia from West LA College. Now that I’ve got CHRMEDIA going, I’m starting to perform again. I joined SAG-AFTRA back in Miami in 1996. This is my Theatrical Demo reel.