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Credit info for Title of Project

Title: Name with link to movie website (not IMDB)
Role: Billing (Principal, Guest Star or…) – Character name
Director: name with link to his website or IMDB profile page
Production Company: name with link to their company website or IMDB profile page
Casting Director: name with link to website or IMDB page
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3382770/

My acting scene(s) in Title of Project

Paragraph about me, filming, challenges, funny moments. Picanha pork chop shank spare ribs, meatloaf tail boudin beef ribs kielbasa drumstick cow.

Some fabulous blockquote about how this role changed my life.

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90th Oscars Academy Awards 2018

Getting excited to watch the 90th Oscars Academy Awards 2018 broadcast on ABC at 5pm PST/8pm EST. The Pre-show/Red Carpet/Interviews have already started. Several different channels are doing their own Pre-show versions, but I prefer ABC.

You can download, print, and mark down your choices on the official Academy Awards Ballot Printable List. Click thru to entire article to see who I WANT to win and who I THINK will win.

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Green Bean Almondine

Green Bean Almondine started as a joke between JoAnn Kerbawy (one of my closest friends in the world) and me when I lived in Miami. We wanted to start a tradition of healthy food that was good and good for you. We joked that our recipe would go viral and spread across the US and then the world. She always made it, so I never really learned how to. My Mom taught me how to cook, but she never made them this way either.

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Bachelor Chef

In the Bachelor Chef, I’m starting to post a few food recipes that I make. I usually try to take food when going to a party.

My goals are:

  • healthy (relatively)
  • but still tastes good (NOT tofurkey or anything crazy like that)
  • feeds a large number of people (good for Wrap Parties)
  • not too difficult (or time-consuming to make)
  • affordable (I am a poor, starving actor)

My Mom is a very good Southern cook. I have many recipes from her and her sister, Lil. Our 2 families have always been very close. Lil had 3 girls that are roughly the same age as us 3 boys. I’m the baby – and they never let me forget it. 😉

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My KILLER Hotel Experience with Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

WOW! Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas is Killer! I’m staying here with a friend from NYC while he is attending PromaxBDA Conference. In the Corporate Suite. With a very generous expense account! In a coincidence, I’ll be working next door at the T-Mobile Arena as a Stand In for the National Hockey League Awards the next couple days.

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