Chris Rogers Theatrical Demo Reel

This reel was created on March 2019. It contains my most recent work as a Security Guard on House of Lies, Cop on Two Roads, Prison Guard on Alongside Night, Man in Livery (Chauffeur) of Bad Guy on Bosch, Lucifer on Master Harold and the Boys, Agent Jack on Showtime, the Trilogy, Bartender Kevin on Killers at Play, and back to Lucifer.

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Chris Rogers Comedic Demo Reel

This 2 minute reel was created on March 2019 and contains my most recent comedy as a Security Guard on House of Lies, Lucifer on Master Harold and the Boys, Blue Man on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Lawyer’s Enforcer for BoostaShot, and back to Lucifer.

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Ultrasound Model

Credit info for Ultrasound Model

Title: Ultrasound Model
Role: Principal

What is an Ultrasound Model

I have been working as an Ultrasound Model for several years thru the J Williams Agency. At various trade shows and medical conventions, the manufacturers hire us to lay down on the gurney while a technician scans us.

Submission to Agent
Submission to Agent

That goop they put on you is always cold – ALWAYS!

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Blackjack Dealer

My Blackjack Dealer Reel

I am a Blackjack Dealer for VIP/House parties. I can’t do it full time because I have an allergy to the coating on the cards. Here are some examples of my skill.

I find it very zen/relaxing to deal the cards with as little emotion as possible.

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Killers at Play – Supporting – Bartender Kevin

Credit info for Killers at Play

Title: Killers at Play
Role: Supporting – Bartender Kevin
Director: Larry Degala
Production Company: Cards-at-Play Films

My acting scene(s) in Killer at Play

I play Bartender Kevin in Killers at Play – the 2015 Van Gogh Award winner for Best Thriller. I was able to refer to Production the shooting location of Tommy Rocker’s. I have been bringing Tommy business since the wildly successful SAG-AFTRA Holiday Mixer way back in 2010. The Mixer was so popular that Tommy invited us back every year since – and also for the SAG Awards Viewing Parties. I was Co-Chair for both events for several years. Tommy is a musical performer himself and the location is very film-friendly. I always try to refer them business.

My character’s name (Kevin) was already embroidered on the Tommy Rocker’s employee work shirt. I thought, “That sounds like a good name for my character”.

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