Killers at Play – Supporting – Bartender Kevin

Featured Image Killers at Play - Supporting - Bartender Kevin

Credit info for Killers at Play

Title: Killers at Play
Role: Supporting – Bartender Kevin
Director: Larry Degala
Production Company: Cards-at-Play Films

My acting scene(s) in Killer at Play

I play Bartender Kevin in Killers at Play – the 2015 Van Gogh Award winner for Best Thriller. I was able to refer to Production the shooting location of Tommy Rocker’s. I have been bringing Tommy business since the wildly successful SAG-AFTRA Holiday Mixer way back in 2010. The Mixer was so popular that Tommy invited us back every year since – and also for the SAG Awards Viewing Parties. I was Co-Chair for both events for several years. Tommy is a musical performer himself and the location is very film-friendly. I always try to refer them business.

My character’s name (Kevin) was already embroidered on the Tommy Rocker’s employee work shirt. I thought, “That sounds like a good name for my character”.

Trailer for Killers at Play

An American soldier returns home from Afghanistan only to be framed for her fiancé’s murder and finds herself running from the law in a desperate bid to seek out the real killer.

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Sgt. James returns home from the front lines. Witness testimony states there was violent argument when her fiance broke off the wedding engagement. She is arrested for the murder of Dean Shapiro. Sgt. James claims she is innocent. On the run from the law, she discovers a den of murderous grifters. She follows the lead to its final conclusion.

In November 2013, during the final development phase, the producers set the goal of creating a women-centric story– woman protagonist, women villains, strong women supporting cast. There were male characters as well, but even before the women’s movement to call out Hollywood for not promoting women stories, “Killers at Play” was already full ahead in that department, that a women-centric story can be both entertaining and intellectually and socially relevant.

“Killers at Play” was shot in 23 days, from January 13 through February 5 (2014). The winter days allowed the production to shoot day-for-night outdoor scenes when the sun was completely blocked by the Sierra Nevada mountain range at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

On May 7, 2013, the original title on the nondisclosure agreement was “Submission.” It was finally changed to “Killers at Play” in 2014.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director/Writer/Producer/Editor Larry Degala for molding my performance and giving me such authentic words to say and actions to do. Thank you to Writers Barbara Erekson and Anthm Wright for giving me real words to say and all the time and effort put into Producing this film.

I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

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