The Squeeze – Featured – Las Vegas Metro Police Officer

Featured Image The Squeeze - Featured - Las Vegas Metro Police Officer

Credit info for The Squeeze

Title: The Squeeze
Role: Featured – Las Vegas Metro Police Officer
Director: Terry Jastrow
Production Company: JAM Films
Casting Director: Mary Jo Slater, Craig Fincannon, Kimberly Ehrlich, Vanessa Neimeyer, Dana Salerno

My acting scene in The Squeeze

I play a cop in The Squeeze. I am often cast as a cop.  That is okay with me.

In between scenes, I talked with Michael Nouri and our mutual passion for opera. He is a trained singer also.

Trailer for The Squeeze

A humble young man with uncommon skills from a small southern town gets caught up in high stakes golf matches between big-time gamblers until the game becomes life and death.

Behind the Scenes images from The Squeeze

Caught in “The Squeeze”, Chris McDonald and Jeremy Sumpter tee off in high stakes gambling matches careening through the South and landing in Las Vegas in Terry Jastrow’s feature film directorial debut from his screenplay based on a true story.

Fun Fact

Chris McDonald and I worked together on Matlock in the early 90s! 🙂

Synopsis of The Squeeze

When Augie Baccas (Jeremy Sumpter), a common man of uncommon skills, living in a small rural town wins his one day City Golf Championship by 15 shots breaking his own course record, a dapper Southern gentleman gambler, Riverboat (Chris McDonald) and his over-the-top bejeweled wife, Jessie (Katherine LaNasa) who are driving cross country from Mississippi to Las Vegas hear of this uncommonly gifted young golfer on local radio. They turn off the highway and head for the local muni course to find young Augie and convince him to abandon his dreams of qualifying for the US Open and come play for Riverboat in high-stake gambling matches.

Angering his long time girlfriend Natalie (Jillian Murray) beyond words as she watches him abandon his dreams and compromise his integrity, Augie continues to use his uncommon talent to win higher and higher stakes matches until they’re finally run out of town and head for Las Vegas. Playing for even higher stakes, Augie finds himself pitted against notorious Vegas gambler Jimmy Diamonds (Michael Nouri) who has known connections to the mob. Augie continues to win every match until Jimmy Diamonds, fed up with the scam, breaks into Augie’s hotel room and informs him if he doesn’t lose the next day’s million dollar match he’ll end up at the bottom of a swimming pool wearing lead boots. Fearing for his life, Augie attempts to escape but is discovered by a very angry Riverboat who counters with a similar fate. Win or lose, he’s dead.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director/Writer/Terry Jastrow for molding my performance and giving me such great words to say and actions to do. Thank you to Cinematographer Taron Lexton for making me look good. Thank you to Casting Department Mary Jo Slater, Craig Fincannon, Kimberly Ehrlich, Vanessa Neimeyer, Dana Salerno for casting me in this role.

I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

For more examples of my acting, clicking here.

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