Orpheus Descending – Principal – Sheriff Talbott

Credit info for Orpheus Descending

Title: Orpheus Descending
Role: Principal – Sheriff Talbott
Director: Walter Niejadlik
Production Company: Las Vegas Little Theatre

My acting scene(s) in Orpheus Descending

Not Safe For Work. Tennessee Williams is my favorite American playwright. Orpheus Descending is not his best work, but I still like it. I play the redneck racist Sheriff Talbott.

I was born and raised in the South. I understand Tennessee Williams and the way he writes..

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Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – Principal – Senator

Credit info for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Title: Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Role: Principal – Senator
Director: Betty Sullivan
Production Company: SFS Productions

My acting scene(s) in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Not Safe For Work. This is such a fun show, but hard to produce/stage. I had a blast playing the Senator who gets caught in the raid. I thought how could I make the macho Senator funny/more pathetic? So I decided to make him a cross-dresser (behind closed doors) and that is how he gets caught.

What is funnier than a macho guy getting caught wearing pink panties, boa and heels?

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Matlock – Background – First Time on TV

Credit info for Matlock

Title: Matlock, Season 4, Episode 1 & 2, The Hunting Party
Role: Background (First Time on TV!)
Director: Robert Scheerer
Production Company: Viacom Productions
Casting Director: Eric Dawson, Carol L. Dudley, Robert J. Ulrich, Reuben Cannon & Associates
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0394777/

My acting scene(s) in Matlock

Yes, I know you don’t normally post Background work, but this episode of Matlock is my very first time on television!

This is good blackmail material for when I’m making the rounds on talk shows. 😉

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Bad Guy in Red Hat – Principal – Rimini Street

Credit info for Bad Guy in Red Hat – Principal – Rimini Street

Client: Rimini Street
Role: Principal – Bad Guy in Red Hat
Director: John Pattillo
Production Company: Bellwether
Trade Show: MISSION: UNSTOPPABLE Rimini Street Sales Kick-Off 2018

My acting scene as Principal – Bad Guy in Red Hat for Rimini Street

I played the Bad Guy in Red Hat in the convention video that played at opening of Rimini Street convention at M Resort in Las Vegas, NV with 2000+ people in the audience. I (representing their main competitor) chased the Hero thru recognizable parts of the city. After the video ends, the Hero appears live on stage and hands the CEO the remote controller (the Hero has been transporting thru entire video) for the CEO’s presentation. I suddenly enter onstage from backstage and chase the Hero out the back of the enormous ballroom.

I love playing Secret Agents. Mission: Impossible is one of my favorite scenarios.

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Blue Man Impersonator – Principal – Hatco

Credit info for Hatco – Blue Man Impersonator

Client: Hatco
Role: Principal – Blue Man Impersonator
Trade Show: NexGen 2018 Sales Training and Convention

My acting scene as Principal – Blue Man Impersonator for Hatco

Hatco makes Food and Beverage industrial equipment. NexGen 2018 Sales Training and Convention was at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV. They asked me to come up with some interesting business while they are demoing their newest equipment.

I love the Blue Man Group. They are so odd, quirky, and so much fun to play.

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