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Resume’ for
Chris Rogers The Actor

Below is the Film/TV resume’ for Chris Rogers The Actor.

Download (Chris-Rogers-Film-TV-rez-Oct-2019.pdf)

You will definitely want to look at some video from those shows.

Usually after looking at your headshot, the Agent or Casting Director turns it over to quickly scan your resume’ that has been stapled onto the back. The formatting has been pretty consistent over the years. I was surprised to learn that the Billing (Star, Co-Star, Day Players, yada) is not. There are many different terms that change depending on who is using them and in what medium. I plan to work within SAG-AFTRA and the various unions to make them more standardized/consistent across all platforms.

I like the term Billing. It makes me think of Vaudeville and reminds me of my connection to it. I love all that old Jewish shtick/type of humor. Even in this New Media world, we still have some of the customs from our origins.

Speaking of old Vaudeville, there is a great series on CNN The History of Comedy. Modern comedians talk about come of the old customs and where they came from. Eg: sketch, improv, revue, “Blue” material. These are terms I’ve always heard, but never knew where they came from.

What do you think of the format and billing on my resume’? Please comment below.

... and then you said ...

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