How ChrisRogersTheActor voted for the 2019 SAG Awards

Below is my ballot for the 25th Annual SAG Awards. What do you think of how I voted? Please comment below.

Download (Chris-Rogers-voting-2019_SAG_AWARDS_SCORECARD.pdf)

Friday, January 25, 2019, noon (PT) is deadline to vote.

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A Quiet Place – 2019 SAG Awards Nominee

25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominee


Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role – Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place.


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How do you rate Emily Blunt’s performance in a Supporting Role in A Quiet Place? Please comment below.

Emily Blunt was good in this, but she HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK in Mary Poppins Returns!

Chris Rogers
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SAG Awards 2019 Scorecard

25th Annual SAG Awards nominees were announced a few days ago on TNT and TBS at 7am PST. I was acting as a Standardized Patient and didn’t get to see it. You can watch the SAG Awards 2019 nominees broadcast below.

2019 SAG Awards Scorecard

Below is a Scorecard I made to help make sure you see all the 2019 SAG Awards nominated Motion Pictures and TV shows.

Download (2019-SAG-Awards-Scorecard-1-3-19.pdf)

This pdf is meant for you to download, print out and write your thoughts on after you see each one. Voting ends Jan 25, 2019.

I just updated my 2019 SAG Awards Scorecard with how the Producers give access to watch the nominees. This will probably be the last/final update.

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