Chris Rogers Comedic Demo Reel

This 2 minute reel was created on March 2019 and contains my most recent comedy as a Security Guard on House of Lies, Lucifer on Master Harold and the Boys, Blue Man on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Lawyer’s Enforcer for BoostaShot, and back to Lucifer.

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Ultrasound Model

Credit info for Ultrasound Model

Title: Ultrasound Model
Role: Principal

What is an Ultrasound Model

I have been working as an Ultrasound Model for several years thru the J Williams Agency. At various trade shows and medical conventions, the manufacturers hire us to lay down on the gurney while a technician scans us.

Submission to Agent
Submission to Agent

That goop they put on you is always cold – ALWAYS!

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Lay The Favorite – Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

Credit info for Lay The Favorite as Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

Title: Lay The Favorite
Role: Stand-In – Bruce Willis
Director: Stephen Frears
Production Company: EFO Films
Casting Director: Victoria Thomas, Julie Goldman & Associates

My acting scene in Lay The Favorite as Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

Since I was the Bruce Willis Stand-In in Las Vegas for Lay The Favorite, I’m never seen on screen. I don’t have an acting clip to show, but I do have lots of photos. See the Gallery below.

Wow, what an experience! I’ve always liked Bruce Willis since his early sitcom days. We have a similar dark/smart-ass, been around the block type of humor.

On the roof of Bally’s Casino, Stephen Frears told me how they wanted to shoot the entire movie in Las Vegas, but Louisiana’s Film Incentive was MUCH greater. He also talked to me about what it was like directing the incomparable Helen Mirren in The Queen. Later that night at home, it occurred to me this world famous director is talking to me – as an equal/part of the team. Wow!

Trailer from Lay The Favorite Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (2018) – Stand-In

Credit info for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (2018)

Title: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Season 17
Role: Stand-In
Director: Ron de Moraes
Production Company: Disney-ABC

My acting scene in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (2018)

I was honored to be asked back for another season as Stand-In on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  I’m never seen on screen, so unfortunately no acting clip. I do have a few photos to show. See the Gallery below.

They are such a wonderful crew to work with. No drama, no guns drawn to settle disputes. Such a refreshing change from SO many other sets I’ve been on. 😉

I’m glad they hired so many “Locals” to work on this show instead of bringing in all their Crew from LA/out of town.

Such a cool set. No drama – no guns. Nice change of pace.

A Day in the Life of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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Standardized Patient

Credit info for Standardized Patient

Title: Standardized Patient
Role: Principal
Client: Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas

What is a Standardized Patient

A Standardized Patient is someone who has been trained to portray (in a consistent/standardized manner) a patient in a medical situation. Standardized Patients (SPs) are used by many medical facilities to teach and evaluate the Student Learners (student doctors/nurses). SPs learn a case based on a real patient other than themselves and are interviewed and/or examined by students as though they were that person in the doctor’s office or clinic, giving the patient’s history and simulating their physical signs such as pain or difficulty walking.

The first rule about Standardized Patients is you cannot talk about Standardized Patients. 😉

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