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This 2 minute reel was created on March 2019 and contains my most recent comedy as a Security Guard on House of Lies, Lucifer on Master Harold and the Boys, Blue Man on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Lawyer’s Enforcer for BoostaShot, and back to Lucifer.

Timecode & Title of Project

00:00 Opening Titles
00:02 House of Lies
00:10 Master Harold and the Boys
00:18 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
00:22 BoostaShot
00:44 Master Harold and the Boys
01:52 Contact Info

Contact Info

Chris Rogers

Demo Reels General Info

Editing video of your work is one of THE most difficult part of an actors journey. Just getting the footage is a job in itself! Actors are constantly asking for footage of their work.

Here are a few articles that help you plan your reel:

My Social Media links are at the bottom of every page.

From this website you can download Pictures, Headshots, Character and Body Shots, Behind the Scenes photos.

On the Resume‘ page, you can see some of the shows I’ve worked on.

On the Video page, are many reels from the various Film, TV, New Media, Industrial, and Theatre shows I have worked on. Many people call themselves an “actor”, but here you can actually see my work.

I have worked as a Bartender for longer than I want to admit. I can teach you how to make a proper Martini.

Of course, you will want to Contact me after watching all my video and reading this fabulous content.

There are many other Chris Rogers on IMDB, but I own the SAG-AFTRA name Chris Rogers. I tried to reserve the website name ChrisRogers dot com, but can’t because a writer in Texas owns that url.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think? Did you like any clips? Do you know of any other good resources for how to create or edit a reel? Please comment below.

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