Chris Rogers Theatrical Demo Reel

This reel was created on March 2019. It contains my most recent work as a Security Guard on House of Lies, Cop on Two Roads, Prison Guard on Alongside Night, Man in Livery (Chauffeur) of Bad Guy on Bosch, Lucifer on Master Harold and the Boys, Agent Jack on Showtime, the Trilogy, Bartender Kevin on Killers at Play, and back to Lucifer.

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Chris Rogers Comedic Demo Reel

This 2 minute reel was created on March 2019 and contains my most recent comedy as a Security Guard on House of Lies, Lucifer on Master Harold and the Boys, Blue Man on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Lawyer’s Enforcer for BoostaShot, and back to Lucifer.

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Title of Project – Billing – Character Name

Credit info for Title of Project

Title: Name with link to movie website (not IMDB)
Role: Billing (Principal, Guest Star or…) – Character name
Director: name with link to his website or IMDB profile page
Production Company: name with link to their company website or IMDB profile page
Casting Director: name with link to website or IMDB page

My acting scene(s) in Title of Project

Paragraph about me, filming, challenges, funny moments. Picanha pork chop shank spare ribs, meatloaf tail boudin beef ribs kielbasa drumstick cow.

Some fabulous blockquote about how this role changed my life.

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Hello, Dolly! – Chorus

I was cast in the Chorus of Hello, Dolly! at Naples Dinner Theatre in the Spring 1991. My best moment was as the Waiter trying to get Rudy’s (the Maitre’ d’s) attention when Dolly Levi has arrived (just before she descends the staircase). I played him as a young, awkward kid in school. I yelled 3 times to get Rudy’s attention. He couldn’t hear me over the cacophony of everyone getting the restaurant ready for her arrival. On the 3rd and final time of yelling his name (each time getting louder), all action stopped and everyone looked at me. It was dead silent. I cocked my legs in (like I was peeing myself) and squeaked out in a tiny, pubescent, cracking voice, “She’s here.” It brought the HOUSE down every single night!


Hello, Dolly!


Supporting – Chorus


Jim Fargo

On Stage Photos

All these images were taken in 1990 (before cellphones) so the quality is not the best. I cut them up and put into a 3 ring binder. They are so old, I couldn’t remove them from the binder because they would start to tear. Sorry for the poor quality. Click on below images for larger version.

"Before the Parade Passes By" - Act 1 Finale
“Before the Parade Passes By” – Act 1 Finale
Hello Dolly Waiters
Waiters – Act 2

Cast Offstage


Here is the trailer for the popular 1969 movie adaptation starring Barbra Streisand.


Hello, Dolly! is a 1964 musical with lyrics and music by Jerry Herman and a book by Michael Stewart, based on Thornton Wilder‘s 1938 farce The Merchant of Yonkers, which Wilder revised and retitled The Matchmaker in 1955. The musical follows the story of Dolly Gallagher Levi, a strong-willed matchmaker, as she travels to Yonkers, New York to find a match for the miserly “well-known unmarried half-a-millionaire” Horace Vandergelder.

Hello, Dolly! first debuted at the Fisher Theater in Detroit on November 18, 1963[1], directed and choreographed by Gower Champion and produced by David Merrick, and moved to Broadway in 1964, winning 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. This set a record which the play held for 37 years. The show album Hello, Dolly! An Original Cast Recording was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2002.[2] The album reached number one on the Billboard album chart on June 6, 1964, and was replaced the next week by Louis Armstrong‘s album Hello, Dolly![3] Louis Armstrong also was featured in the film version of the show, performing a small part of the song “Hello, Dolly!”.

The show has become one of the most enduring musical theater hits, with four Broadway revivals and international success. It was also made into the 1969 film Hello Dolly! by 20th Century Fox, which won three Academy Awards, including Best Score of a Musical Picture and was nominated in four other categories, including Best Picture at the 42nd Academy Awards.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Jim Fargo and Julian Fisk for giving me a year contract at the Naples Dinner Theatre. Thank you to the Cast and Crew. I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

For more examples of my acting, click here.


I graduated with a BFA in Acting from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. While there, I also received a Minor in Voice from the University of Louisville School of Music. I started my dance training with the School of the Louisville Ballet.

School of Louisville Ballet

Since I grew up way out in the country, I had to wait until I got to Louisville to study dance. I always knew I had it on the inside.

At the time, the School was in the basement of the School of Music (where I was studying Voice). I started taking 1 class/wk. A fraternity brother of mine was going out with one of the girls in the Corp and he took class with me also. He broke up with her, but I kept going.

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