2023 Santa Claus

I appeared as 2023 Santa Claus all over town this year: Three Dog Bakery, 502Film, and a private event!

Client: various
Role: Santa Claus

Shelby asked me to pose as his Santa again this year for his company’s dog photos. He owns the Three Dog Bakery in Louisville, KY. Here is last year’s post.

Three Dog Bakery photos

  • schnauzer
  • elf
  • eyebrows
  • great dane
  • italian greyhounds
  • dachshund
  • bichon frise
  • bernadoodle
  • bulldog
  • boxer
  • foofies
  • furball
  • goldendoodle
  • lab yellow
  • lab
  • old red
  • pjs
  • pointers
  • poodle bow in hair
  • poodle
  • rotty
  • german shepherd
  • lick

After the last day of shooting, I went straight to the 502Film Wrap Party. Great turnout. I’d say over 250+? Then on to the After Party at the High Horse Bar. Whew, what a day!

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Santa Claus (2022) for Three Dog Bakery

Client: Three Dog Bakery
Role: Santa Claus

Shelby owns the Three Dog Bakery in Louisville, KY. When I heard he needed a Santa to pose for pictures with his frequent clientele’s pets, I jumped at the chance. I love animals and have been wanting to add Santa to my list of characters for some time now.

He provided the Suit to wear. I own the more casual robe style (bottom Right in composite). I will be buying one of the more formal Suit types soon.

Great client and job. Wish they could all be this much fun!


Chris Rogers Santa Claus 2022 composite
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Boosta Shot Energy Mix – Principal – Bruno the Enforcer

Credit info for Boosta Shot Energy Mix

Title: Boosta Shot Energy Mix
Role: Principal – Bruno
Director: Steven Pine
Production Company: Clarity Creative

My acting scene(s) in Boosta Shot Energy Mix

Boosta Shot Energy Mix is a neutral tasting additive for your favorite beverage. I am the muscle/Enforcer to the lawyer in this Industrial.

What a fun time shooting this crazy Industrial.

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Walter White Impersonator – Principal – Kobiton

Client: Kobiton
Trade Show: Agile Dev Better Software DevOps WEST
Role: Walter White impersonator for Trade Show Booth

My acting reel as Walter White Impersonator for Kobiton

Kobiton hired me to impersonate Walter White from the hit tv show Breaking Bad. I LOVE the show/actor. I don’t just like it – I LOVE it. I have probably seen every episode 5-6 times. I have been wanting to impersonate him for some time now.

Great client. Wish they could all be this fun to work for. Can’t wait to work for them again in October 2018 at another trade show in Anaheim, CA.

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Bad Guy in Navy Coveralls and Red Hat – Principal – Rimini Street

Credit info for Bad Guy in Red Hat and Navy Coveralls.

Client: Rimini Street
Role: Principal – Bad Guy in Navy Coveralls and Red Hat
Director: John Pattillo
Production Company: Bellwether
Trade Show: MISSION: UNSTOPPABLE Rimini Street Sales Kick-Off 2018

My acting scene as Principal – Bad Guy in Navy Coveralls and Red Hat for Rimini Street

I played the Bad Guy in Red Hat in the convention video that played at opening of Rimini Street convention at M Resort in Las Vegas, NV with 2000+ people in the audience. I (representing their main competitor) chased the Hero thru recognizable parts of the city. After the video ends, the Hero appears live on stage and hands the CEO the remote controller (the Hero has been transporting thru entire video) for the CEO’s presentation. I suddenly enter onstage from backstage and chase the Hero out the back of the enormous ballroom.

I love playing Secret Agents. Mission: Impossible is one of my favorite scenarios.

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