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Client: Kobiton
Trade Show: Agile Dev Better Software DevOps WEST
Role: Walter White impersonator for Trade Show Booth

My acting reel as Walter White Impersonator for Kobiton

Kobiton hired me to impersonate Walter White from the hit tv show Breaking Bad. I LOVE the show/actor. I don’t just like it – I LOVE it. I have probably seen every episode 5-6 times. I have been wanting to impersonate him for some time now.

Great client. Wish they could all be this fun to work for. Can’t wait to work for them again in October 2018 at another trade show in Anaheim, CA.

Kobiton (client)

Kobiton is a mobile testing experience platform that accelerates delivery and testing of mobile apps by offering manual and automated testing on real devices, in the cloud or on-premise.
As a Walter White impersonator, I had to tread the fine line of being scary, but still approachable. Most attendees got the joke about Breaking Code.

Behind the Scenes as Walter White Impersonator at Kobiton booth

Because I have a degree in MultiMedia from West LA College, I understood their business and was able to speak intelligently to the attendees.

Gaining access to the devices companies need to test their mobile products on is difficult, inefficient and expensive. To help address this growing business challenge, the experts at Kobiton, a mobile device cloud platform, have introduced internal device lab management using their cloud technology. By combining this management of internal devices with Kobiton’s existing lab of devices, companies can now access the internal and external devices they need through one convenient cloud-based platform, which saves money, increases valuable testing time and boosts collaboration.

Testing teams across offices can simply plug in to Kobiton’s mobile device cloud platform to access internal devices, with the opportunity to supplement their own testing capacity with Kobiton devices in the cloud. Using Kobiton can easily save companies tens of thousands of dollars per year and boost their testing coverage.

“We heard business horror stories from our partners and clients, who were paying full-time employees to inefficiently manage hundreds of devices across multiple offices with a spreadsheet,” explained Vu Lam, founder of Kobiton and KMS Technology, the company behind popular testing tool QASymphony. “When a device was needed in one location, but was physically in another, they’d have to drive across town, buy a new one, or just skip testing. Managing device labs has become a drain on companies’ budgets, and more importantly, impacts the availability of real devices to test on, ultimately compromising a product’s quality and reputation.”

“Solving business challenges with innovative software solutions, like QASymphony and now Kobiton, is ingrained into the culture at KMS Technology,” added Josh Lieberman, Kobiton co-founder and president of KMS Technology. “We applied our experience in testing mobile products to solving how to give companies affordable ways to manage internal device labs and test on real devices.”

Since its launch in November 2016, testers have logged more than 500,000 testing minutes via the Kobiton mobile device cloud platform.

More Examples

For more examples of my Characters and Impersonations, click here.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Mr Kobiton for such a wonderful experience. Thanks to Steve Kaplan and Paul Sanders of Las Vegas Talent Agency for this job – and ALL the others.

I look forward to working with you ALL again SOON!

Author: Chris Rogers

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