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Headshots of
Chris Rogers The Actor

The headshot is one of the most important tools in any actor’s arsenal.

Las Vegas Neon Boneyard

I love old/retro Vegas. America will never be as cool again as the Rat Pack was back in the day.

Character and Body Shots

I play a lot of Cops, Security Guards, Bouncers and Bartenders.

Abusive Husband Series

This was a popular series on iStock by Getty Images.

Elephant Boneyard of Headshots

My very first headshot was taken by Richard Bram in Louisville, KY. The next series were taken by my super-talented oldest brother, Jeff Rogers Photography. Check out his site for his award-winning work.

Sweater 1998 was taken by Suzanne Allison. Her Photo Farm studio was at the corner of Fairfax and Melrose in West Hollywood. She used this photo in all her propaganda and was in her studio window, along with Tea Leoni and a few other stars. I was the only unknown. It was ENORMOUS – like 4 ft x 5 ft. People stopped me on the street asking if that was my photo. I always made sure to drive by it on a First Date. 😉

My most recent headshots were taken by Eric Guideng, Alina Vincent, and Deb Cheramie.

Here are some links to the best articles I have found on Actor Headshots:

Next page to look at is my resume’.

Please comment below on any that you liked and why/what you like about them.

One thought on “Pix”

  1. I enjoyed them all. I bet you’ve had lots of girl friends through the years.
    Those blue eyes are great in all the pictures.

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