Commercial Demo Reel – 2012

Yes, I know this is old. Once I upload my most recent video, I will cut together an updated basic 3 min reel. This will have to do until then.

While living/working/surviving in LA, I got the chance to go back to school and got a degree in MultiMedia from West LA College. Now that I’ve got CHRMEDIA going, I’m starting to perform again. I joined SAG-AFTRA back in Miami in 1996. This is my Commercial Demo reel.

Title of Project – Billing – Character Name

Credit info for Title of Project

Title: Name with link to movie website (not IMDB)
Role: Billing (Principal, Guest Star or…) – Character name
Director: name with link to his website or IMDB profile page
Production Company: name with link to their company website or IMDB profile page
Casting Director: name with link to website or IMDB page

My acting scene(s) in Title of Project

Paragraph about me, filming, challenges, funny moments. Picanha pork chop shank spare ribs, meatloaf tail boudin beef ribs kielbasa drumstick cow.

Some fabulous blockquote about how this role changed my life.

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Beck’s Beer – Principal

Credit info for Beck’s Beer

Title: Beck’s Beer commercial
Role: Principal
Director: Carroll Ballard
Director of Photography: John Toll
Casting Director: Dee Miller, CSA

My acting scene in Beck’s Beer as Principal

My Beck’s Beer commercial was one of my big commercials I did while living in Miami – just a few years ago. 😉 10 day shoot on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean.

One of my favorite commercials I’ve done – ever. Working with Academy Award winning Director and Director of Photography.

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