2023 Santa Claus

2023 Santa Claus Featured Image

I appeared as 2023 Santa Claus all over town this year: Three Dog Bakery, 502Film, and a private event!

Client: various
Role: Santa Claus

Shelby asked me to pose as his Santa again this year for his company’s dog photos. He owns the Three Dog Bakery in Louisville, KY. Here is last year’s post.

Three Dog Bakery photos

  • schnauzer
  • elf
  • eyebrows
  • great dane
  • italian greyhounds
  • dachshund
  • bichon frise
  • bernadoodle
  • bulldog
  • boxer
  • foofies
  • furball
  • goldendoodle
  • lab yellow
  • lab
  • old red
  • pjs
  • pointers
  • poodle bow in hair
  • poodle
  • rotty
  • german shepherd
  • lick

After the last day of shooting, I went straight to the 502Film Wrap Party. Great turnout. I’d say over 250+? Then on to the After Party at the High Horse Bar. Whew, what a day!

502Film Wrap Party & After Party photos

  • 502Film Party meow
  • 502Film Party
  • 502 Film in da house
  • 502Film Party Nick Daniels & me
  • 502Film Party crowd
  • 502Film After Party at High Horse

I also stopped in to see my Mom and then went as Santa for a good friend’s Christmas celebration for her grandkids.

Private Event photos

photos go here.

Great clients and jobs. Wish they could all be this much fun!


  • front laughing
  • seated
  • side leg up
  • side laughing


updated composite goes here.

My acting reel as 2023 Santa Claus

Unfortunately, no video, but I do have lots of pictures above

502Film Mission

we are dedicated to nurturing a sustainable and innovative film industry through infrastructure support and media education

502Film Vision

we aim to create an urban filmmaking destination in Louisville and the surrounding region where art intersects with business through three core principles: advancing media and workforce education, fostering a collaborative community of crew and talent and providing production resources and support

More Examples

For more examples of my Characters and Impersonations, click here.

Thank Yous

To William Shelby Simpson for asking me to be part of such a wonderful experience. Thanks to Toni and Stuart Geiger (Em Dash Photography) for making me (and the dogs) look so good.

I look forward to working with you ALL again SOON!

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