Santa Claus (2022) for Three Dog Bakery

Featured Image Santa Claus 2022 with dogs

Client: Three Dog Bakery
Role: Santa Claus

Shelby owns the Three Dog Bakery in Louisville, KY. When I heard he needed a Santa to pose for pictures with his frequent clientele’s pets, I jumped at the chance. I love animals and have been wanting to add Santa to my list of characters for some time now.

He provided the Suit to wear. I own the more casual robe style (bottom Right in composite). I will be buying one of the more formal Suit types soon.

Great client and job. Wish they could all be this much fun!


Chris Rogers Santa Claus 2022 composite

Photo Slideshow as Santa Claus

  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs standing
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs robe Captain Morgan
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs and baby
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs great dane
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs black
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs family black dog
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs family
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs sitting next to shop owner
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs shop owner on lap
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs robe straddling bench
  • Santa Claus 2022 with dogs robe belly laugh

My acting reel as Santa Claus for Three Dog Bakery

Unfortunately, no video, but I do have lots of pictures above

Three Dog Bakery Story

It all started with a beloved rescue pup named Gracie—the sweetest little soul with a highly sensitive stomach. When run-of-the-mill dog food made her sick, we decided to learn to bake. From that very first batch of wholesome, handmade treats we saw how magical doggie devotion can be. The happiness. The unshakeable, unbreakable bond that feeds the soul of both species. And, when all of that was too much to contain in one little kitchen, we opened the world’s first bakery for dogs.

Crafted from scratch in small batches, our highly-skilled pastry chefs use only simple, real ingredients, slow baking each recipe to lock in all those luscious flavors and canine-loving nutrients. So healthy and so drool-worthy, we consider our treats and cuisine to be the very best in the animal kingdom.

We’ve been making tails wag since 1989, and today our mission remains the same –– feed the souls of dogs and the people that love them.

Eat, Play, Love

Each of our nearly 50 Three Dog Bakeries has its own unique flavor—but no matter which one you visit, you’re guaranteed to delight your doggo. Samples of tasty treats, fresh from the oven, are always on hand. An ever-changing selection of unique toys, rawhides and chews, grooming gear and the latest four-legged fashion accessories gives you and your pup plenty to peruse. And of course, you can’t leave without diving into the exclusive decadent delights we’re famous for—like our seasonal treats, gourmet pastries, beloved Pupcakes®, and personalized cakes perfect for your pal’s birthday, gotcha day, training graduation, or any time you feel like celebrating your good dog.

More Examples

For more examples of my Characters and Impersonations, click here.

Thank Yous

To William Shelby Simpson for asking me to be part of such a wonderful experience. Thanks to Pamela Hyatt (Birch Valley Photography) for making me (and the dogs) look so good. And a final thanks to all the dogs, babies, and family members that dropped by.

I look forward to working with you ALL again SOON!

Author: Chris Rogers

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