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Credit info for Lay The Favorite as Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

Title: Lay The Favorite
Role: Stand-In – Bruce Willis
Director: Stephen Frears
Production Company: EFO Films
Casting Director: Victoria Thomas, Julie Goldman & Associates

My acting scene in Lay The Favorite as Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

Since I was the Bruce Willis Stand-In in Las Vegas for Lay The Favorite, I’m never seen on screen. I don’t have an acting clip to show, but I do have lots of photos. See the Gallery below.

Wow, what an experience! I’ve always liked Bruce Willis since his early sitcom days. We have a similar dark/smart-ass, been around the block type of humor.

On the roof of Bally’s Casino, Stephen Frears told me how they wanted to shoot the entire movie in Las Vegas, but Louisiana’s Film Incentive was MUCH greater. He also talked to me about what it was like directing the incomparable Helen Mirren in The Queen. Later that night at home, it occurred to me this world famous director is talking to me – as an equal/part of the team. Wow!

Trailer from Lay The Favorite Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

Beth, who lap dances to make ends meet, leaves Florida for Las Vegas hoping to be a cocktail waitress. She meets two women who introduce her to Dink, a gambler with a system. He hires her – she’s good with numbers – and she promptly falls for him, even though he’s married to a woman who seems to do nothing but spend his money. Beth tries to entice Dink whose wife, Tulip, tells him to choose; he does and promptly goes on a losing streak. The repercussions of his choice play out with a heavy gambler who has a parole officer, a cheesy bookmaker in Curaçao, Beth’s desire to keep a friend out of prison, and help from an unlikely source.

Behind the Scenes images from Lay The Favorite as Stand-In (Bruce Willis)

Before the shoot, I looked up the major players. I noticed that Michael McDonough (DP) had just worked on Winter’s Bone – with my future ex-wife, Jennifer Lawrence. I told him what a brilliant film that was and how hard it was for me to watch it because it reminds me so much of where Jennifer and I grew up in Kentucky. Our grandfather’s both played on a legendary Local’s/Hometown Heroes basketball team, similar to Hoosiers. Basketball is a religion in Kentucky.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director Stephen Frears for treating me like a professional. Thank you to Cinematographer Michael McDonough for being such a warm and wonderful human being. Thank you to Casting Directors Victoria Thomas and Julie Goldman for casting me in this role.

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