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Title: Ultrasound Model
Role: Principal

What is an Ultrasound Model

I have been working as an Ultrasound Model for several years thru the J Williams Agency. At various trade shows and medical conventions, the manufacturers hire us to lay down on the gurney while a technician scans us.

Submission to Agent
Submission to Agent

That goop they put on you is always cold – ALWAYS!

I am known for my

I have been told I have a beautiful pancreas. Others have said my femoral artery could be in a textbook. I have a great carotid. You can never tell just looking at someone if they will scan well or not.

Gallery of various Ultrasound Model gigs

Sample Video of Ultrasound Model

Ultrasound is absolutely the wave of the future. It is like a moving X-ray. Here is some sample footage.

Thank Yous

Thank you to my agent at J Williams Agency and all the other fun Ultrasound models in the program with me.

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On the Video page, are many reels from the various Film, TV, New Media, Industrial, and Theatre shows I have worked on. Many people call themselves an “actor”, but here you can actually see my work.

I have worked as a Bartender for longer than I want to admit. I can teach you how to make a proper Martini.

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There are many other Chris Rogers on IMDB, but I own the SAG-AFTRA name Chris Rogers. I tried to reserve the website name ChrisRogers dot com, but can’t because a writer in Texas owns that url.

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