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Credit info for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Title: Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
Role: Principal – Senator
Director: Betty Sullivan
Production Company: SFS Productions

My acting scene(s) in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Not Safe For Work. This is such a fun show, but hard to produce/stage. I had a blast playing the Senator who gets caught in the raid. I thought how could I make the macho Senator funny/more pathetic? So I decided to make him a cross-dresser (behind closed doors) and that is how he gets caught.

What is funnier than a macho guy getting caught wearing pink panties, boa and heels?

Trailer for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (film adaptation)

This was also adapted into a film starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds.

Behind the Scenes images from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

We had so much fun doing this show – both onstage and off. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of one of my favorite moments. To “help” Audrei-Kairen Kotaska get into character for the end (and I had nothing to do until curtain call), I decided to create a new scene with whatever props were laying around and doing a fake stage cry, like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. The rules were I couldn’t pre-plan it – it had to be totally spontaneous with whatever was laying around backstage. I think my favorite was when I wheeled past her dressing room door crying on a child’s tricycle. Unfortunately, no pictures, but Audrei-Kairen was always in stitches for her final song/scene. 🙂

Synopsis of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (stage musical)

It is the late 1970s, and a brothel has been operating outside of fictional Gilbert, Texas (subbing for real locale La Grange) for more than a century. It is under the proprietorship of Miss Mona Stangley, having been left to her by the original owner. While taking care of her girls, she is also on good terms with the local sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd. When crusading television reporter Melvin P. Thorpe (based on real-life Houston news personality Marvin Zindler) decides to make the illegal activity an issue, political ramifications cause the place to be closed down.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director/Producer Betty Sullivan for casting me and giving me a chance. Thank you to Producer Bill Freyd for putting the money together for this show.  Thank you to Musical Director Dan Ellis for helping me sound good. Thank you to Audrei-Kairen Kotaska for becoming one of my closest friends in the entire world. Thank you to all the rest of Cast and Crew.

I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

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