Come Together – Principal – Johnny

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Credit info for Come Together

Title: Come Together
Role: Principal – Johnny
Director: Guilliean Pacheco
Production Company: Atomic Cocktail Entertainment

My acting scene(s) in Come Together

I play Johnny (a Player) in Come Together – a very clever analysis of how Social Media can actually drive people apart. He is shallow, only thinks about himself, and a jerk.

I wonder why I was cast as Johnny (a Player). 😉

Come Together (Director’s Cut)

The full version of Atomic Cocktail Entertainment’s first digital short film debut. It’s a romantic comedy/satire with a love triangle and the overdependence of technology and social media in today’s modern world. Does technology really bring people to “come together” or does it drive them apart? Let’s find out with our characters during their adventures in Sin City. 🙂


A group of friends get together, but only chat through text messaging. They sit in front of their computers and play on You Tube, Facebook and Twitter. One guy and one girl are boyfriend and girlfriend, but even they talk only through texting. Their friend, an outdoor hobbyist, shows up and starts a live conversation with the girlfriend and things get interesting from there. Social media; the good, the bad & the ugly!

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director Guilliean Pacheco for molding my performance. Thank you to Writer/Producer Darlene Dalmaceda for asking me to be part o the project. Thank you to Editor/Cameraman Ross H Martin for making me look good. Thank you to Esprit Friedland and William Wantland for giving me something to act out of.

I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

For more examples of my acting, clicking here.

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