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Credit info for CSI

Title: CSI, Season 11, Episode 02 , “Pool Shark”
Role: Featured – Laughing Guy in Pool
Director: Michael Nankin
Production Company: Jerry Bruckheimer Television, CBS Television Studios
Casting Director: Eric Dawson, DaJohn Garrett, Rory Schleifstein, Matthew Skrobalak, Guy Yosub
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1640833/

My acting scene(s) in CSI

Some days are worth all the pain and aggravation you have to put up with in order to pursue an acting career. The sun is out, the water is cool, and the girls are hot – and Bruce (the shark) is Bruce.

What a great way to make a living!

Trailer for CSI

Hysteria ensues when a shark attacks a woman in the pool of a Las Vegas Casino while hundreds are attending a very popular “day club”. CSIs are called in to figure out how a Tiger Shark got into a Las Vegas casino pool.

The casino owner, Earnest “Booze” Boozell, has had a long-standing rivalry with another casino owner, Danny Macklin, whose “day club” across the street is Booze’s competition. Langston and Dr. Robbins notice that the victim’s flesh is white not pink at the point where the shark attack occurred and realize she was dead prior to the attack.

A puncture wound in the victim’s back and surveillance video lead the team to a career thief who drugs her victims before robbing them. This time she unintentionally gave the victim a “hot shot” and killed her before she robbed her. The question still remained – how did a shark get into the pool?

Langston examines the shark with the Aquatic Veterinarian Dr. Holloway and realizes Holloway is lying to them about the shark’s origin. Before Catherine can interrogate him, he is murdered after someone tampered with his scuba gear. The evidence leads to Booze, theorizing he may have placed the shark in his own pool in order to blame and bring down his rival.

The tag number found on the shark actually showed that Macklin was the one trying to set up his rival to get him out of the way so he could make his lucrative “day club” even more profitable.

Catherine is reminded of her father in several flashbacks when Booze brings back fond memories for her since Catherine’s father and Booze where friends back in the days of “old school” Vegas.

Behind the Scenes images from CSI

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director Michael Nankin for giving me such great actions to do. Thank you to Writers Anthony E Zuiker and Dustin Lee Abraham for including me in the story. Thank you to Cinematographer Corey Fey for making me look good. Thank you to Casting Department Eric Dawson, DaJohn Garrett, Rory Schleifstein, Matthew Skrobalak, and Guy Yosub for casting me . Thank you to Bruce for giving me someone to laugh at.

I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

For more video clips of me acting, click here.

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