Bachelor Chef

In the Bachelor Chef, I’m starting to post a few food recipes that I make. I usually try to take food when going to a party.

My goals are:

  • healthy (relatively)
  • but still tastes good (NOT tofurkey or anything crazy like that)
  • feeds a large number of people (good for Wrap Parties)
  • not too difficult (or time-consuming to make)
  • affordable (I am a poor, starving actor)

My Mom is a very good Southern cook. I have many recipes from her and her sister, Lil. Our 2 families have always been very close. Lil had 3 girls that are roughly the same age as us 3 boys. I’m the baby – and they never let me forget it. 😉

My Dad and Uncle Bob were roommates in college at University of Kentucky. Bob told my Dad, “Hey, this girl I’m seeing. She has a sister…”

Mom taught me the basics of cooking. Then when I went away to college at University of Louisville, I learned how to cook for huge parties/large events watching the chefs at Casa Grisanti’s (5 stars Italian). Unfortunately, it is closed now.  Michael Grisanti (owner) was named President of the National Restaurant Association while I was there. I respect him tremendously – both as a successful businessman and as a human being. He is a great example that shows those 2 traits aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

I am amazed to think how much working there for just a few years has influenced my entire life. I learned good food and good service – and how often you get that.

Early Food & Beverage training

I started in the Catering Department and then was asked to work in the Main House. During Kentucky Derby week, the 2 divisions would fight for me. By the time I left, I was a Catering Supervisor. After working so many parties, I learned where to spend your money (and wear you can skimp) for maximum effect. I look back on that job and think that was a LOT of responsibility for a kid in college, but the clients kept asking for me.

Many tobacco and alcohol companies headquarters are based in Louisville, KY. My senior year, I served the Brown & Williamson execs lunch every Friday at their beautiful executive offices in a gorgeous downtown high rise. One of them was from England and his very proper wife used to request me every year for their Derby party. She always asked me about the status of my acting career. That was a shock when I saw them testifying in front of Congress about the harmful effects of tobacco as dramatized in the movie THE INSIDER.

I’ve always worked in Food and Beverage, off and on over the years. I tell people that I’m an actor and they say, “Oh really. What restaurant?” I gradually moved over to bartending (they get all the chicks), but I still enjoy working with food. I had seriously considered going to Cooking School, but that is a 24/7 job. One of my favorite acting teachers at UofL told me once, “That is all well and good – to make money. Just make sure you are an actor who is also a waiter – NOT a waiter who acts.”

You can view my martini recipe here. I still love the romance of the cocktail hour.

That is part of the reason why I like Las Vegas so much. I was into the UltraLounge, Rat Pack, Leopard print, James Bond/007, Space Age Bachelor Pad aesthetic before it was hip and trendy. America will never be that cool again.

So, I plan to start posting some of my favorite food recipes that I make under the category of Bachelor Chef. These are recipes for real people to make. I assume you have a life outside of the kitchen. You want clean/healthy food. I will warn you where the problem areas are and suggest variations. This is all to get the girl. Why do guys do anything? To  get the girl.

I hope you like my (future) suggestions.

Author: Chris Rogers

SAG-AFTRA Actor, WordPress Presenter, Public Speaker, Coach, Emcee & Host

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