Awards Season For Movies Shown During 2017

The 2018 SAG Awards nominees are announced on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 by Olivia Munn and Niecy Nash live on TNTTBStruTV, and SAG Awards website at 10am EST/7 am PST. The Actor® Nominations also can be viewed via TNT’s Facebook, Twitter @TNTdrama and YouTube channels and TBS’s Facebook, Twitter @tbsnetwork and YouTube channels.

Rising in popularity and prestige every year is the 2018 SAG Awards. What distinguishes them chiefly from all the other Awards shows is the SAG Awards are voted on by ALL actors in the Actor union (SAG-AFTRA) on Acting-related categories. Compare that to the Oscars, where everyone in the Academy votes on every category. This means eg: Costume Designers vote on Sound Design. Not really sure how Costume Designers can intelligently discuss/vote on Sound Design, but you get the idea.

Viewing the 2018 SAG Awards nominees

Once the nominees are announced, I will create and post a Scorecard to help you make sure you see all the nominated movies/TV shows before voting ends on Jan 19, 18. I find it incredibly hard to see them all in such a short amount of time and to balance with work, holidays/parties, life, etc. These are 1 pg each and meant to be printed out and written on.

2018 SAG Awards Scorecard

The first version of the 2018 SAG Awards Scorecard will be just the title of the nominee because the Producers won’t have time to line up access. I will update it a few weeks later with how the Producers decide to give us access (physical DVD, online/digital, coupon, etc). Below is the final version of last year’s Scorecard for Features.

Here is last year’s final version of the TV nominees Scorecard.

So my advice is to see the Nominees as soon as possible.

Vote for the 2018 SAG Awards

Assuming you were current on your union dues by Dec 1, 2018, we will be getting access to watch the nominated movies soon after they are announced on Dec 13. SAG-AFTRA has no control over which movies are given to us or the timing; that is completely up to the Producers.

In fact, the SAG Awards has a complete separate office and website from the union. This process is VERY confusing and I will post a short video tutorial on how to see the nominated movies. The SAG Awards office will email you a PIN that gives you access to a Members Only section of the website. From there, you can click on each of the movies and see whether you can see it at your local movie theatre, iTunes, or special Studio website.

The SAG Awards will also snail mail a postcard, but it is MUCH faster to do it online from the email they send you and getting access to all the goodies that much faster vs waiting for it to be printed and snail mailed to your post office mailbox.

Does SAG-AFTRA have your current address?

Now would be a good time to make sure the union has your current address. Go to the union website, log in to your account and click on your My Info.

You want to make sure your Primary Address is current on the SAG-AFTRA website. This is where the postcard with your PIN and physical DVDs will be shipped to.

The SAG Awards is continually praised for their Green efforts. It is easier/cheaper/better for the environment to see movies online vs physical DVDs being snail mailed. As soon as the Producers give you access via iTunes, be sure to add it to your iTunes Library. Don’t download the movie onto your computer (that eats up a lot of space). You want to add it to your online iTunes Library. That means you can watch it online ANYTIME in the future. I still watch movies I was first given access going back to 2013.

Be patient and kind to the SAG Awards Office

SAG Awards does a TREMENDOUS amount of work to coordinate the process of giving you access to the movies. And this is during December when most people are taking time off for the holidays. So be patient and kind with them!

When writing about Awards shows, I find it awkward how to refer to movies made during the previous year. Eg, if I said this post is about 2018 SAG Awards, does that mean for movies made during 2017 and honored in 2018? Or for movies made during 2018? Whatever – semantics. Ultimately, I decided to follow the lead of the Oscars.

THE most important Award is the Oscars, of course.

Here is a great article/Calendar with all the important dates/times of the major Awards shows.

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