If you want SAG Awards Screeners, pay your dues NOW!

One of the best perks of being a member of SAG-AFTRA union (besides protecting you when you do work on the set) is getting all the Screeners and voting for the 2018 SAG Awards. You must be current/paid up by Friday, Dec 1, 2017.

To help you remember important SAG Awards dates, I have a countdown timer on sidebar of this website.

Log into your SAG-AFTRA Account

Now would be an excellent time to log into your account on the SAG-AFTRA website and make sure you have done so. Also make sure they have your current snail mail address. This is where they will snail mail the physical DVDs to.

That being said, every year the industry is going more and more to giving you access to a website where you watch the movie ONLINE vs snail mailing a physical DVD. This is much cheaper for the Producers AND better for the environment – and we ALL care about the environment, yes?!? The SAG Awards are often praised for their Green efforts.

I will post a quick walk-thru of how to register/sign up thru the SAG Awards website (totally separate organization from SAG-AFTRA union website) to get your PIN and then go to iTunes to watch a movie some time after the nominations are announced on Dec 13, 2018. It is VERY confusing (and I even have a degree in MultiMedia)!


It is important to go thru iTunes whenever possible, since the movie is added to your iTunes Library. This means you have access to watch this movie again – forever! I have movies in my library all the way back to SAG Awards 2013. There is no guarantee how long the Producers will continue this practice, so take advantage of it as long as you can. 🙂

I know it is hard to pay your dues in the middle of the holiday season, but …

Be sure to come back and read my Reviews of all the 2018 SAG Awards nominees.

Author: Chris Rogers

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