2018 SAG Awards Scorecard Begin

24th Annual SAG Awards Scorecard

24th Annual SAG Awards were announced earlier today on TNT and TBS at 7am PST. If you were asleep (like I was), you can watch it below.

Below is a Scorecard to help make sure you see all the nominated Motion Pictures and TV shows.

Download (2018-SAG-Awards-Scorecard-begin.pdf)

This pdf is meant for you to download, print out and write your thoughts on after you see each one. Voting ends Jan 19, 2018. If I don’t write things down, I forget them. I have so much going through my head. Don’t get me started. 😉

I will update my 2018 SAG Awards Scorecard in a couple of weeks with how the Producers give access to watch the nominees.

The SAG Awards has NO control over how the nominees are seen – if at all. That decision is completely up to the whim of the Producers/Studio . Don’t yell at the SAG Awards team.

I find it incredibly hard to see them all in such a short amount of time and to balance with work, holidays/parties, life, etc. I suggest you watch these ASAP. You have to make an effort to see them all in the time allotted.

As I wrote in an earlier post, the SAG Awards voting process is confusing, hectic, and very difficult for the SAG Awards office to coordinate. YOU need to handle your business and get on top of all this ASAP.

The SAG Awards is one of the best reasons to join SAG-AFTRA (besides them protecting you when on set). I will try to demystify the process so you get the most out of the SAG Awards. In the next week or 2, the SAG Awards office will email your PIN to get access to special Members Only section of the SAG Awards site that contains links to see the nominees.

I don’t know why, but the TNT and TBS website uses the Flash plugin, which is dead.  Flash is bad/ancient technology that hogs your computer resources. Mr TNT & Mr TBS really should discontinue using that plugin ASAP (like 99% of every other website).

They also have this intrusive Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pop-up. If you know Mr TNT or Mr TBS, tell them to please stop that. I’m sure they have some high-priced lawyer in a $5,000 suit telling them they have to do it.

On the plus side, at the bottom of each website, is a link to download their dedicated TNT app and TBS app. I haven’t done that yet, but I will soon. I will kick the tires, and let you know my experience ( like when I review one of the nominated TV shows).

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Author: Chris Rogers

SAG-AFTRA Actor, WordPress Presenter, Public Speaker, Coach, Emcee & Host

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