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Credit info for Bosch

Title: BOSCH, Ep #204, “Who’s Lucky Now”
Role: Day Player – Man in Livery
Director: Christine Moore
Production Company: Amazon Studios
Casting Director: Bill Dance

My acting scene as Day Player – Man in Livery in Bosch

In Bosch, I play the chauffeur (Man in Livery) to the Bad Guy. Unfortunately, no lines, but the star (Titus Welliver) delivers some dialogue directly to me and Director gave me a lot of great camera time.

Had a blast playing Heads Up! (iPad game) with Titus Welliver in between takes.

Trailer from Bosch

Bosch is tailing a suspect. Eventually cornering him in an alley, Bosch shoots the suspect when he reaches in his pocket. The incident is shown later in the episode in two separate flashbacks. When seen from Bosch’s point of view it appears that there is something in the suspect’s hand that falls in a puddle. When the incident is recounted by the plaintiff’s lawyer during a wrongful death suit, there is clearly nothing in the suspect’s hand and Bosch is shown planting a gun. Whatever really happened, he is cleared by the department. The show fast-forwards to two years later where Bosch is being sued by the family of the suspect in a wrongful death civil suit.

Feeling that he has to do something as a police officer, he agrees to trade with two other detectives to take the weekend shift, where he is called out on a case which turns out to be a suicide, and a second case where a doctor reports his dog found a human bone in the woods.

The bone leads to more bones and the coroner determines the skeleton is that of a small boy who was horribly abused and beaten, then buried in the woods. The boy has been dead since at least 1989, and could have been anywhere from 10 to 12 when he died, but was so horribly treated that it is not certain exactly how old he was. The details of the boy’s mistreatment – more than 40 broken bones, some having healed while others were relatively recent – and his death was so grisly that Bosch has to step away and go into the restroom to splash water on his face and sit down on a commode for a moment to regain his composure.

Behind the Scenes of Bosch

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director Christine Moore for molding my performance and giving me such great  actions to do. Thanks to Amazon Studios for making this project happen. I am very appreciative to Bill Dance for casting me in this role.

I look forward to working with you ALL again SOON!

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