My Thoughts On The SAG Awards 2017 Broadcast

The 23rd Annual SAG Awards broadcast was last night (January 29, 1917) on TNT and TBS. Production did a great job of keeping the show flowing. It was bright and snappy and didn’t drag. The Presenters looked and spoke well with no major blunders.

For the first time, I watched the Red Carpet Special on the E! Channel before the broadcast. I don’t normally like the fashion aspect since it is the complete opposite of what the acting process is about. The attendees looked dressed up for Business/an important evening, not like they had just rolled out of bed.

I’m not a big fan of Fashion Police or Giuliana Rancic, but she looked spectacular in her beaded gown by Yousef Al-Jasmi, paired with equally sparkly Christian Louboutins. After her recent health issues, she is still too thin and could use a cheeseburger, but wow! I have never seen her look more gorgeous.

There was a little politics thrown in, but not excessive. However, the speech by David Harbour (the Sheriff) on STRANGER THINGS was electrifying! The entire crowd leapt to their feet in applause. He was passionate without being overbearing and made very good idealogical arguments on how he and many others in the Industry feel. It was inspiring. Not sure what to make of Winona Ryder’s expressions during speech…

Lily Tomlin was awarded a SAG Awards 2017 Life Achievement Award. She was presented the award by her good friend and 9 to 5 Co-Star Dolly Parton. Co-Star Jane Fonda was supposed to present it with Dolly as well, but Jane got the flu bug that has been going around and wasn’t able to attend.

The stunt performers and coordinators from “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Game of Thrones” were announced as this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards® honorees for Outstanding Action Performances by Film and Television Stunt Ensembles. I know the Producers have to keep the show time in mind, but they should have at least made a mention in the broadcast of the winners in these 2 categories, like they do on other Awards show broadcast. We voted on them. They at least deserve a mention.

Also, there were a few omissions from the In Memoriam sequence – actors who passed away this year. Popular actors like Miguel Ferrer and Marvin Kaplan. I can’t imagine this was due to time-constraints. An extra 30 seconds to show their name and soundbite fro their most popular work?

I’m really excited about some of the new shows coming to TNT later this year. Several trailers shown during the commercial breaks. WILL and CLAWS look very exciting.

Congrats again to all who worked on the 23rd Annual SAG Awards! Very well done. Now go get some well-deserved sleep.

Author: Chris Rogers

SAG-AFTRA Actor, WordPress Presenter, Public Speaker, Coach, Emcee & Host

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