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WOW! Unbelievably fantastic show! Could not believe how good this production was! Not a weak link in the entire show. Everything was top notch – the singing, dancing, choreography, acting, sets, direction – everything. The only bad part was the audio in the theatre. The levels were low, so I had to strain to hear. The music was there, the singers had the voices, but sadly I couldn’t hear them very well. That is a function of the theatre where I saw it, not the fault of Mr Fantom or Mr Disney

I saw this movie at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV with 2 very good friends of mine with extensive musical theatre backgrounds – Audrei-Kairen Kotaska and Wallace Broadnax. We all agreed at how incredibly well done this production was.

Fantom Events brings live events that have been taped to movie theatres for only a few showings. The tickets are a bit more expensive than regular admission ($20), but SO worth it. This production was filmed at the famous Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, CA in 2016 with many of the original Broadway Cast members.

All of the boys were very strong singer/dancers and actors. I believed everyone was a rough and tumble worker on the streets. Often in musical theatre, some in the cast are a little girly, but not these street tough thugs – with very thick New Yawk accents. The lead girl role could have easily been throw away/unmemorable, but not this Katherine (played by Kara Lindsay). She held her own against the boys, and was smart, funny and feminine at the same time. Jeremy Jordan played Jack Kelly and was completely believable as the lead boy romantic role. Tough, but vulnerable and a painter, Jeremy Jordan hit all the right notes. All of the other boys were good actors, not your typical “bad music theatre acting”.

Run, Don’t Walk to see this show that plays only 2 more times – Feb 18 and 22. Seriously, I can NOT say enough good things about this production.

Author: Chris Rogers

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