How to watch the 2021 SAG Award Nominees

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The 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® – or by their more common name the 2021 SAG Award Nominees – were announced last week. To get access to the For Your Consideration (FYC) screeners, you had to be current (paid up) on your SAG-AFTRA dues by Monday, January 4, 2021. The next step (to gain access to watch them) is a little confusing, so I will try to break it down as much as possible.


The goal of all this pain is to watch the 2021 SAG Award Nominees online NOW through your computer, laptop, tablet, or Smart TV. Here is how I hook my laptop into my 55″ flat screen TV via HDMI cable. I watch the majority of the nominees online.

To get the FYC screeners, you had to be current (paid up) on your SAG-AFTRA dues by Monday, January 4, 2021.

Email with PIN

You should have gotten an email from SAG-AFTRA Communications with the title of “Final Voting for the 27th Annual SAG Awards Opens Today!”. I got mine on February 16, 2021. Below is what my email looks like in my Google Inbox.

email with your SAG Awards PIN

Below is what my full email looks like (in pdf format).

Download (1-Final-Voting-for-the-27th-Annual-SAG-Awards-Opens-Today.pdf)

Click on the email and scroll down a bit and click on the “Retrieve Your Awards PIN Here”.

How to retrieve your SAG Awards PIN

“But I Didn’t Get The Email”

No worries – just click the below link. This is the same page as the PIN Retrieval page below. Also, check your Spam folder.

PIN Retrieval page

Once you click on the link in the email, you will be taken to the FYC (For Your Consideration) portion of the SAG Awards website. The SAG Awards website is completely separate from the union website.

SAG Awards PIN Retrieval page

Enter your Member ID number. You can find it on your union card.

SAG-AFTRA Membership Number

Enter the last 4 of your Social Security Number.

PIN Results

The website will show your SAG Awards PIN. WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN! You will often have to enter that number in. I save the page as a .PDF and put in my SAG Awards folder on my laptop. There are many free ways to do this, just search online for it. Or take a screenshot. This is the same number that will be on the postcard Mr SAG Awards is snail mailing you in a few days.

Your SAG Awards PIN

Seeing Nominated Films

On that same page, click on the “Seeing Nominated Films” link.

Seeing the SAG Awards nominees link

FYC Page with Links

This will take you to the FYC (For Your Consideration) page where you can see how access is given for you to see all the nominees. Bookmark this page in your web browser so you can easily come back to this page. That process will vary depend on your specific setup (Mac, Windows, Browser, etc). You will come back to this page often.

If you click on the Digital button, you can start watching those nominees immediately.

Viewing SAG Award Nominated Performance

FYC Screener Grid for the 2021 SAG Award Nominees

The FYC page link is also at the bottom of the Screener Grid I created. This was made to be downloaded and printed.

Download (2021-SAG-Awards-FYC-Screener-Grid-updated.pdf)


After you see all the nominees, you can vote by going to the FYC page – which you saved to your browser – right? Or you can just click on the link at the bottom of my FYC Screener Grid.

choose Voting Online Here

Scorecard for the 2021 SAG Award Nominees

Mr SAG Awards put together this groovy Scorecard to help you vote on each Category.

Download (Scorecard-2021.pdf)


SAG Awards Postcard

If you don’t want to go through all this pain, Mr SAG Awards will be snail mailing a physical postcard to your physical address (to your Address on record with the office as of January 14, 2021).

Log into your account on the SAG-AFTRA website. Click on the My Info tab and make sure they have your current physical mailing address. This is where they will snail mail your physical DVDs to. I find it very difficult to watch ALL the nominees in the time allotted, so I always retrieve my PIN via the website so I can start watching them immediately.

“But I Didn’t Get My Postcard”

No worries – just click the below link. This is the same page as the PIN Retrieval page above. So after you click the link, go back up this page to the Pin Retrival page section and follow along.


If you need an immediate answer, you can try calling Mr SAG Awards or Mr SAG-AFTRA directly. However, they will usually tell you to send them an email, so it would be best to email them before calling. Their email address is and

Mr SAG Awards phone is 323.549.6598.

Mr SAG-AFTRA phone is 855.724.2387.

Be patient and kind to the SAG Awards Office

The SAG-AFTRA Awards people do a TREMENDOUS amount of work coordinating the process of giving you access to the nominees – so be patient and kind with them!

Deadline to Vote

March 30, 2021. Here is the official calendar.


Watch the 27th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® on Sunday, April 4, 2021 simulcast at 8pm (ET)/5pm (PT) on  TNT and TBS. They also have apps you can download onto your computer/tablet/cellphone and watch for free. 


Be sure to come back and read my reviews of all the 2021 SAG Awards nominees. As a sample, you can view my reviews from 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017.

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Your Thoughts?

I know – this is all kind of confusing. If you have any questions, please post them below. I think next year, I will do a video walk thru of this process on my laptop.

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