Unforeseen Courage – Supporting – Agent Mark

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Credit info for Unforeseen Courage

Title: Unforeseen Courage
Role: Supporting – Agent Mark
Director: Jeff Murphy
Production Company: Quest Pictures
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0304870/

My acting scene in Unforeseen Courage

This fight sequence takes place in the gorgeous Big Bear Lake, CA. A beautiful location and a good, decent, honest production family makes me very happy. We had to shoot my scenes first because I had to bartend later that night.

The Director (Jeff Murphy) told me the Distributor told him to include as much action footage/fight choreography with me in it as possible.

Our Hero found the woman of his dreams in his worst nightmare.

Nick, a young believer in love and hope gets caught up in the allure of a beautiful and mysterious woman, Adrianna. While a monster conglomerate dealing in domestic trades to U.S. military organizations is revealed as a corrupt entity. Nick and Adrianna are mixed up in the middle of a web of violence and conspiracy. Unable to let go of their passion for each other, Nick is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director & Writer &  Jeff Murphy, and Cast Members David Murphy (& Producer), Rosanne Lucarelli, Herb Mendelsohn, Keith Campbell, Steve Andrews, Chris Codol, Jay Harik and John Lansch.

Thank you to Producers Steve Bobertz, Philip Ziotorynski, David Murphy and Jeff Murphy.

Luke Kaneki, Jonathan LaCroix: your music is outstanding. Ted Jacobs – you made me look good.

Thank you to Second Assistant Directors Michael Delaney, and Philip Ziotorynski.

Gina Murphy – your art and graphics look awesome.  Matt Bobertz, Frederick Critchlow, and Enzo Treppa made me sound good.

The Camera and Electrical Department Tim Kartiala and Ian Menzies for being there.

And finally, thank you to our Distributors A Plus Entertainment, Allied Entertainment Group, Koan, Thunderhead Films. Quest Pacifica provided the best Post-Production facilities in the world.

I look forward to working with you ALL again soon!

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