SAG Awards 2018 Ensemble Top Contenders

Here is a great article from the Hollywood Reporter about the top contenders for the Best Ensemble for the 2018 SAG Awards.

Since time to watch all these movies is an issue (holidays/parties/work/life/yada), I suggest you start watching as many of these as possible now. Like now. šŸ™‚

The official nominees for the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guilds Awards will be announced on Dec 13. I put a countdown clock on the front page of my website.

Ensemble Awards History

Screen Actors Guild AwardsĀ (also known asĀ SAG Awards) are accolades given by theĀ Screen Actors Guildā€American Federation of Television and Radio ArtistsĀ (SAG-AFTRA) to recognize outstanding performances in film and prime time television. The statuette given, a nude male figure holding both a mask of comedy and a mask of tragedy, is called “The Actor”.[1]Ā It is 16 inches (41Ā cm) tall, weighs over 12 pounds (5.4Ā kg), is cast in solid bronze, and produced by theĀ American Fine Arts FoundryĀ inĀ Burbank, California.[2]

SAG Awards have been one of the major awards events inĀ HollywoodĀ since 1995. Nominations for the awards come from two committees, one for film and one for television, each numbering 2100 members of the union, randomly selected anew each year, with the full membership (165,000 as of 2012) available to vote for the winners. It is considered an indicator of success at theĀ Academy Awards. The awards have been telecast since 1998 onĀ TNT, and since 2007 have been simulcast onĀ TBS.

The inaugural SAG Awards aired live on February 25, 1995 fromĀ Universal Studios‘ Stage 12. The second SAG awards aired live from theĀ Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, while subsequent awards have been held at theĀ Shrine Exposition Center.[3]Ā On December 4, 2017, it was announced that the award show would have its first host ever in its twenty-four year history with actressĀ Kristen BellĀ presiding over the ceremony.[4]

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