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Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program

The Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program (KY GSP) was a milestone in my life. This was one of the best experiences of my life! For the first time, I was around people that were as driven and motivated to do something with their life as I was.

KY GSP was created in 1983 to enhance Kentucky’s next generation of civic and economic leaders. The program provides academic and personal growth through the balance of a strong liberal arts program with a full co-curricular and residential life experience.

Chris Rogers KY GSP 1983 Mug Book
Chris Rogers KY GSP 1983 Mug Book

Below is the full Mug Book with everyone at the Program. This was 1983. Facebook was launched on 2004. You do the math.

Download (KY-GSP-1983-Mugbook-Full.pdf)

I was chosen to represent Grant County High School. In the summer between my Junior and Senior year, I was given a 1 month taste of college life at Centre College. The Program now rotates between all of the state colleges. We had to choose a Major. Because I thought I was going to become a medical doctor, I chose to Major in Biology.

I always pushed myself hard in high school. I knew once I got out in the real world, I would have to compete against all these people who had grown up in the City – with all the advantages that come from that.

There was no formal instruction in the Arts where I grew up, but I did have an aptitude for science and math. My high school did have a great science program and I excelled in it.

I graduated 3rd in my high school. The classes were not weighted, so Home Economics counted the same as Calculus.

Variety Show

The GSP had a Variety Show at the end of the Program for our parents. I thought you had to be a Fine Arts Major in order to be in it. By the time I found out that wasn’t true (that anyone could be in it), the only thing left that still needed people was “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story. I auditioned and got in. It brought back all those memories of performing as a child and the seed was planted that I could do that for a career.

I wore a tight maroon leather jacket with zippers (that was my middle brother’s) and stipple brushed a beard on. My own Mother didn’t even recognize me. My Father told me he had to point out to her which one I was on stage.


While at GSP, I took a Swing Dancing class taught by the Dean Jim Howard of Centre College and his wife, Sallie. Years later, I met their daughter who married one of my Phi Kappa Tau fraternity brothers. I was happy to tell her that I booked a commercial set in WWII because they taught me how to swing dance.

In the Aerobics class, we learned a routine to Prince’s Little Red Corvette. I had heard of Prince before, but this is the summer I developed a deep love for him/his music.

Party People

Several friends and I created the Party People (social club). We even had pledges.

I have reconnected with my old roommate – Kenneth Cohen, now  in NYC. He taught me a lot about the Jewish religion. Several years later, I was cast in Ira Levin’s Cantorial – a play about a goy who thinks he is Jewish. If I hadn’t met Kenneth, I might not have gotten that show. It is the hardest straight/non-musical show I’ve ever done. I was on stage the entire 2 hour show, except for a brief 2 minute scene.

Kenneth seemed so worldly and different than anyone else I had ever known. He also taught me how to dress stylishly, esp how to combine colors and not in matching prints. 🙂

I would love to reconnect with any other KY GSP alumnae.

Kentucky Education Television (PBS affiliate) produced a 1 hr doc about the Program. You can watch it by clicking here.

I went back for my Senior year in high school and my science studies, but it wasn’t the same. I had changed.

Grant County High School

I studied college-level Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics while still in high school, thru Advanced Placement. My most impressive research was on how aspirin affects the coagulation (clotting) time of human blood. I won the Biochemistry category at the State level.

Aspirin Science Project Cover Page
Aspirin Science Project Cover Page

All through high school, I believed I was going to become a medical doctor, probably specializing in Emergency Room medicine. I am good in emergencies; good at focusing on what has got to be done, regardless of all the chaos going on around me.

I was also asked to join the National Honor Society.

National Honor Society 1982
National Honor Society 1982

I would have killed to go the School for Creative and Performing Arts High School in Cincinnati , but it was too far away. Sarah Jessica Parker is an alumna. I remember seeing her on The Little Match Girl – an After School Special.

Because I was in the GSP, University of Louisville offered me a full academic Pre-Med scholarship without having to do any more work. I was strongly considering Transylvania University, but that is a private/expensive school that my 2 older brothers went to and they have an excellent Pre-Med program. I would have had to jump thru all these hoops to apply for their William T Young Scholarship.

Thank You

I am grateful for all the teachers that put their time and energy into the man I’ve become today. Thank you to all my friends and family for your continued support.

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