Jesus Christ Superstar – Supporting – Soldier, Priest, Apostle, Leper, Ensemble

Featured Img Jesus Christ Superstar - Supporting - Soldier, Priest, Leper, Ensemble

Credit info for Jesus Christ Superstar

Title: Jesus Christ Superstar
Role: Supporting – Soldier, Priest, Leper, Ensemble
Director: Phil Shelburne
Production Company: Super Summer Theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch

My acting scene(s) in Jesus Christ Superstar

Soldier Reel

I was primarily cast as a Soldier (due to my shaved head, goatee’, and muscular size) throwing the wussy singer/dancer/Apostles around.

Priest Reel

I also had a few good moments as a Priest.


The Director gave me and Scott delGuidice a great compliment when we were Lepers. He said we had some great touching moments (of humanity) when we bumped into each other during the Leper scene.

9 Costume Changes!?!

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the most difficult shows I’ve ever done – and I LOVED it! I am on stage practically the entire time. If I’m not onstage, I am offstage doing a quick costume change to go back on.  I have 9 costumes changes – the most of any show I’ve ever done. I couldn’t do it without my 2 Wardrobe/Quick Change Ladies helping me.

I can’t wait to do this show again!

Trailer for Jesus Christ Superstar (1973 film adaptation)


Before I accepted the contract,  I talked with Phil to make sure that it would have that big, huge, rock-n-roll sound. Philip assured me that he hired some of the best musicians in Las Vegas. Our Musical Director/Keyboards is Tom Lipps (Musical Director ShowStoppers at the Wynn), Lead Guitar is Matt Baldoni (The Australian Bee Gees Show at The Excalibur). Probably my favorite was the drummer who was doing the Jesus Christ Superstar International tour. He had a couple of months off to visit his wife who is a dancer with Folies Bergere at The Tropicana Hotel and Casino. He beat those drums like a red-headed stepchild.

We sold out EVERY night of our run. Spring Mountain Ranch is a huge 1000 person capacity outdoor theatre in Las Vegas.

Behind the Scenes images from Jesus Christ Superstar

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director Phil Shelburne for giving me the chance to do one of my favorite musicals of all time. Thank you to Musical Director Tom Lipps to get the best music out of me. Thank you to Scott delGuidice for being such a great friend and fellow Soldier and Leper.

I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

For more examples of my acting, clicking here.

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