Harold Johnson and the Family Jewels – Principal – Lucifer

Featured Image Harold Johnson and the Family Jewels - Principal - Lucifer

Credit info for Harold Johnson and the Family Jewels

Title: Harold Johnson and the Family Jewels
Role: Principal – Lucifer
Director: R. Darren Brumfield
Production Company: Vegas Movie Guy Films
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3486064/

My acting scene(s) in Harold Johnson and the Family Jewels (NSFW)

Master Harold and the Family Jewels is NSFW – Not Safe For Work. This is a darkly comedic take on Lucifer. This first clip is where Lucifer welcomes a new soul he has tricked into Hell. I improvised on the set most of the homosexual jokes.

(NSFW) Not Safe For Work. Lucifer searching for souls. Not much dialogue in this clip. Mostly silent/body language communication and, of course, through the eyes.

Darren and I have a similar twisted, sick sense of humor. Maybe because we were raised near each other? I always look for an excuse to work with him.

Entire Movie of Harold Johnson and the Family Jewels

A story about a man who does not think and will not listen.

This is the graduate thesis student film project for R Darren Burmfield’s film degree from University of Nevada Las Vegas Department of Film.

We shot the cave scene in one of the most interesting sets I’ve been on. The cave is on the edge of Mountain Gate in the Southwest part of Las Vegas. Homeless people stay here and burn fires to keep warm. The walls are covered with soot – like an inch thick!

I guess we overstayed our welcome at the bar we were shooting at. After a couple of hours, the Bartender kept turning up the volume every 15 minutes – even though the Director cleared it with the owner. By the time we left, it was louder than most of the concerts I’ve been to. Whatever. My scenes didn’t involve dialogue – and I prefer it that way anyway, since film is primarily a visual art form. I want my eyes to do the talking, not my mouth.

Behind the Scenes images from Harold Johnson and the Family Jewels

Photos coming soon.

Thank Yous

Thank you to Director/Writer/Director of Photography/Producer Editor R. Darren Brumfield for molding my performance and giving me such great words to say and actions to do. Thank you to Producer Teresa Barber for helping me deliver such a great performance. Thank you to Chuck Prater, Tim Ransbottom and Harvey Morgan for being such worthy adversaries to trick into Hell. 😉

I look forward to working with you ALL again soon.

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