A Christmas Carol 2009 – Principal – Scrooge

Featured Image A Christmas Carol 2009 - Principal - Scrooge

Credit info for A Christmas Carol 2009

Title: A Christmas Carol 2009
Role: Principal – Scrooge
Production Company: Colabo Theatre

My acting scene(s) in A Christmas Carol 2009

I played Scrooge in Colabo Theatre’s musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol 2009. We took the traditional tale and added a few classic Broadway and rock songs. To cover a major scene change, I had to sing both of my songs back to back at the end (when Scrooge realizes the errors of his ways and promises to change).

I still get parents and kids coming up to me singing, “I hate people”.

Trailer for A Christmas Carol

There are many versions of this holiday classic. I prefer the 1984 George C Scott adaption.

The musical version is Scrooge. The incredible Albert Finney was only 29 when he did the movie musical (!) and won many awards. Not as well known, but I’d love to do it again. Here is the trailer for the movie musical, Scrooge. There is also a stage musical version, but strangely it has never been produced on Broadway.


This is a delightful musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic novel “A Christmas Carol”. Cold-souled miser Ebenezer Scrooge has a change of heart after three spirit visitations on Christmas Eve. Folks might not have had much to sing about in England in 1860, but this musical will make you believe otherwise.

Christmas Carol Scrooge and Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim says, “God bless us, everyone!”

Behind the Scenes images from A Christmas Carol 2009

Thank Yous

Thank you to my Colabo Co-Founder/Director, to all the cast, crew, kids and parents who helped us stage this musical.

I look forward to working with you all again SOON!

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