Beyond the Sea (scene from) – Principal – Bobby

Credit info for Beyond the Sea (scene from)

Title: Beyond the Sea (scene from)
Role: Principal – Bobby
Director: Robert D. Starling

My acting scene(s) in Beyond the Sea (scene from)

This is a scene from Beyond the Sea. Robert Starling needed to gain experience as a Steadicam Operator. I was working as an Editor for his Production Company and his lead actor dropped out at the last minute. He knew I worked as an actor in LA and Miami, so he asked me to jump in at the last minute.

This is my first on camera acting since I went back to school at West LA College for a degree in MultiMedia in 1999.

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Skinhead Demo Reel 2003

I created this reel just after shaving my head in 1999. At the time I put this together, I was auditioning to play a Skinhead. Unfortunately, they didn’t cast me and the Feature Film never took off.